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PRO-BAG d.o.o.

Pro-Bag d.o.o. has become entitled for a certificate of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia: Excellent SME Serbia

The certificate Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise (Excellent SME) is issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in cooperation with Coface Serbia (Coface Srbija), the leader company in providing services of business information, solvency reports and debt collection in central and east Europe that covers the entire business processes starting by profiling costumers end ending by reports of solvency and debt collection together with risk assessments in 157 countries. The certificate is recognition and award in good enterprising and remarkable business results. The core of purpose of this certificate that corresponds to directives of EU is to promote small and medium enterprises, safe and secure management, as well as to increase transparency on the market and consumer protection. 

We would proudly note that Pro-Bag d.o.o. is aligned with a group of enterprises which through their credit rating and business performances contribute the goal of the very certificate and strengthening of Serbian market.

We would like to pay our gratitude for your trust,



Bags and backpacks, sportswear production in Serbia, Europe - Pro-Bag

We are a family-run company and our business is manufacture of bags and backpacks of 1956. years. Manufacture bags and backpacks, Made in Serbia, Europe. Since the beginning of our long business career we have produced an enormous number of types and amounts of bags. Even today, after over half a century, BAGS have still remained our main product, which is a fact we are immensely proud of.

We feel that no secrets have remained unrevealed to us in this branch of textile industry and we always aim to keep up to date with the latest global trends and to keep improving our services.

At the moment, there are the following products in our offer: PROMOTIONAL ECO BAGS, SPORTS BAGS, SPORTSWEAR BACKPACKS. BRIEFCASES, LAPTOP CASES, HUNTING BACKPACK, WEAPONS CASES, COSMETIC BAGS, BAGS FOR SHOES, WALLETS…and many other products from our domain, as well as those which we have not been producing so far. We have the knowledge and skills and we stand ready for new challenges.

The third generation of our family’s craftsmen for manufacturing bags has slowly started entering the scene, therefore we hope the tradition will stay its proper course and that it is yet to yield many more positive results – and all in the name of TOP QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRICES AND FAST DELIVERY.